Life Coach & Aromatherapist who facilitates whole-being healing and transformation for women entrepreneurs.


deep dive into your breakthrough

Life Coach & Aromatherapist who facilitates whole-being healing and transformation for women entrepreneurs.


deep dive into your breakthrough

Hello,  I  am…

Jennifer White

mermedicine woman
certified coach, Aroma Freedom practitioner,
Vibrational Aromatherapist,
Creator of Moonstruality and Limitless

I have a passion for coaching women entrepreneurs who want to improve their lives and the lives of others by tapping into their sacred gifts to create empowered and purposeful, soul-aligned businesses.

I mix my extensive understanding of science and the metaphysical with coaching skills that help my clients move powerfully through the fear, doubt and limiting beliefs that have kept them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, playing small and from reaching their highest potential in business, life and relationships.

I teach my clients how to understand and embody their humanity (body and mind) while embracing and aligning with their sacred spiritual and metaphysical gifts, stepping into their power and purpose – changing our world for the better.

Does that sound like you?

Brianna Colombini says...

“Our session was the most impactful emotional healing I’ve ever experienced.  So incredibly profound. I feel brave and like I’m gonna be able to keep healing these traumas I’ve shoved down for so long.

Thank you from the deepest spot in my heart!!!”

Aida Lawler says...

“Jennifer has an incredibly calming sense about her, so much so, that I knew immediately I was in good hands, and by the middle of our first session, I was hopeful. Hopeful that I had finally found something that could potentially help heal me.

This is not only a session, but a journey, and I highly recommend those that seek guidance or are called to this experience to reach out to Jennifer, she is as lovely as she is gifted.”

Krista Kathleen says...

"A couple of months ago I did a coaching session with Jennifer Childers and she educated and recommended some books for me to become more intimate with my monthly period.

She helped me to fall in love with it. She taught me how to use it to launch new programs in my coaching business and how to attract new clients.

Jennifer is magical and the knowledge she knows is insanely powerful.”

Kelly Curtis says...

"I had the privilege of doing an Aroma Freedom session with Jennifer and it was exactly what I needed. Jennifer was so helpful and informative and even sent me a couple of oils I didn't have in my collection so I could really get the most out of the experience.

During our Aroma Freedom session, I felt completely safe and comfy to explore my limits and what's been keeping me from that next level of growth, personally and professionally, and then with the help of some essential oils and some powerful prompts from Jennifer, I was able to feel a noticeable shift in my mind, body and being right there on the phone.

Jennifer is exploring personal growth in a way I've never experienced before and she was able to help me shift quickly, yet gently into a whole new me."


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